Timelock's first ever vinyl release 'Contemporary Vintage' announcement

We're happy to announce the upcoming release of ‘Contemporaray Vintage’, Timelock's first ever vinyl release on November 23, 2023.

While planning and preparing the reissues of the band's back catalogue and rehearsing for live shows Timelock decided to rearrange their favourite tracks for the new line-up. And they went a step further, they rerecorded these tracks for inclusion on the reissues.

What the band ended up with was an album's worth of modern classics, a compilation of their favourite songs. Too good to leave scattered over 4 different albums.

It was decided to compile the rerecorded tracks on a new compilation album, and to release it on vinyl, a first for Timelock! 'Contemporary Vintage', as the album is aptly titled, will be released on recycled coloured vinyl to add to recycling of the album.

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