Today (14 April 2023) we see the release of the 3rd remastered album of Timelock, 'Circle of Deception'. Originally this album was released in 2002, 21 years ago! It was the first album with Martin Hendriks on guitar. And the drums were handled by Edwin Wernke of For Absent Friends. This album was the first step toward the current musical direction. Just like the former remasters this album is packed with bonus tracks. You will hear previously unreleased unplugged tracks and a live recording of the Radio Symfocity gig. As a single the song 'Louise Brooks Revisited' is re-recorded by the current 8-headed line-up of Timelock. As a special guest you will hear Rob Baartwijk narrating the song.

As you may know, Louis Brooks is a favourite subject for our singer Ruud Stoker to write about. For those who are not familiar with this Hollywood superstar, take a moment to watch the accompanied video clip, where you see Public Domain footage of Louise as well as works, artwork by Dutch artist Corne Akkers  and Timelock live pictures by Hans Korbee. Check it out! 

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